Scott G. Franzblau, Ph.D. Scott Franzblau

Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
Director, Institute for Tuberculosis Research

University of Illinois at Chicago
College of Pharmacy
833 S. Wood Street (M/C 964)
Chicago, IL 60612-7231

Office: 412A PHARM
Office Phone: 312-355-1715
Fax Number: 312-355-2693
E-mail address:

Research Interests:

The ITR is pursuing several strategies for discovery of new anti-TB agents. This includes large scale screening of both natural and synthetic compounds for those that demonstrate specificity of activity (i.e. inhibit the TB bacillus but not mammalian cells). Lead compounds are then optimized by semi-synthesis. In addition we are attempting to optimize the anti-TB activity of classes of antibiotics used for other infections but that have not been clinically active in tuberculosis. Activity of all lead compounds are assessed in macrophage and mouse models of TB. Ultimately clinical trials will be conducted with collaborators in TB-endemic regions.

Select Publications:

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