Matthias C. Lu, Ph.D.Matt Lu

Professor and Assistant Head for Curricular Affairs
Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy

University of Illinois at Chicago
College of Pharmacy
833 S. Wood Street (M/C 781)
Chicago, IL 60612-7231

Office: 545 PHARM
Office Phone: 312-996-5234
Fax Number: 312-996-7107
E-mail address:


The Ohio State University, Ph. D. Medicinal Chemistry 1967-1969
University of Iowa, By-passed MS 1964-1967
Kaohsiung Medical College, BS Pharmacy 1958-1963
University of Michigan, Post-Doctoral Fellow (s) 1969-1971

Professional Organizations:

American Chemical Society, Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Toxicology Divisions
American Association of College of Pharmacy
North American Taiwanese professors' Association

Edited Journals and Honorarium:

UIC Excellence in Teaching Award 1995; UIC Teaching Recognition Program Award 2001; UIC College of Pharmacy Outstanding Teacher of the Year, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998; UIC College of Pharmacy Golden Apple Award, 2000, 2001; UIC Honors College Fellow, 1995-present; Faculty Advisor, Asian Pharmacy Association, 1990-present; Faculty Advisor, Rho Chi Pharmacy Honors Society, 1998-present; Faculty Advisor UIC Taiwanese Student Association, 1999-present.


Third-Professional Year Team Leader overseeing the Pharm D Curriculum.
Principles of Drug Action and Therapeutics I (PHAR 401) on Diuretics.
Principles of Drug Action and Therapeutics II (PHAR 402) on Autonomic Drugs.
Principles of Drug Action and Therapeutics III (PHAR 403) on NSAIDS, Opiates, Local Anesthetics, Anxiolytics, Hypnotic-Sedatives.
Principles of Drug Action and Theropeutics V (PHAR 405) on Anticonvulsants, Neurochemistry of Catecholamines, GABAergic and Glutaminergic Drugs.
Principles of Drug Action and Therapeutics VI (PHAR 406) on Antifungals.
Principles of Drug Action and Therapeutics VII (PHAR 407) on Immunosuppressants, GI Drugs.
Principles of Medicinal Chemistry (MDCH 561 for the Graduate Program in Medicinal Chemistry)

Select Publications:

  1. Local Anesthetics in Principle of Medicinal Chemistry, 4th (1995) and 5th Editions (2002), Foyes, WO Ed., Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore.
  2. Antimitotic Agents in Cancer Chemotherapeutic Agents, Foye, WO, Ed., 1995 American Chemical Society.
  3. Ih-Sheng Chen, I.W. Tsai, C.M. Teng, J.J. Chen,Y.L. Chang, K.N. Ko, M.C. Lu and J.M. Pezzuto, Pyranoquinoline alkaloiods from Zanthoxylum sinulans, Phytochemistry, 1997, 46(3) 525-529.
  4. Ih-sheng Chen, S. Wu, I. Tsai, T.S. Wu, J.M. Pezzuto, M.C. Lu, H.Chai, N. Suh, and C.M. Teng, Chemical and Bioactive Constituents from Zanthoxylum simulans. Lloydia-J. Nat. Prod., 57, 1206-1211 (1994).
  5. L. Delgado, P.Z. De Croos, M.C. Lu, and B.L. Currie, Structure Activity Relationships of Some Synthetic Griseofulvin Analogs, Kaohsiung J. Med. Sci. 8, 632-639 (1993).
  6. M.C. Lu, N.M. Gray, and H.N. Bhargava, Biological Evaluation of 2-Amino-6(7)- and 9-Amino-6-trifluoromethylbenzonorbornenes as Conformationally Rigid Analogues of Norfenfluramine. Gen. Pharmacol., 24, 1343-1349 (1993).
  7. C.P. Bergstrom, M.C. Lu, and C.L. Bell, NMR Studies of Dimeric 2,3-Dihydroxy-N-benzoylserine, J. Nat. Products, 54, 1003-1008 (1991).
  8. M.C. Lu, G. Noble, E. B. Thompson, and S.M. Vogel, Molecular Modification of Anticholinergics as Probes for Muscarinic Receptors. 4. Ileal Selective Muscarinic Antagonists. Drug Design and Delivery, 7, 269-278 (1991).
  9. C.P. Bergstrom, R. Clarke, J.F. Fitzloff, and M.C. Lu, Inhibition of Cholesterol Side-chain Cleavage. 5. Synthesis of 22-(p-Chlorophenyl) Cholesterol Analogues. Drug Design and Delivery, 7, 259-268 (1991).
  10. Patent: 17-(Aralkylaminoalkyl) androstan-3ß-ols, U.S. Patent, 3,818,055 (1974) as antihyper-adrenocorticism agents.