Steven M. Swanson, PhDSteve Swanson

Professor of Pharmacognosy
Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education
College of Pharmacy

University of Illinois at Chicago
College of Pharmacy
833 S. Wood Street (M/C 781)
Chicago, IL 60612-7231

Office: 321 PHARM
Office Phone: 312-996-0842
Lab Phone: 312-996-8803
Fax Number: 312-996-7107
E-mail address:


Loyola University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, BS in Biology, 1982
University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, PhD in Pharmacognosy, 1990
University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, Post-Doctoral training in carcinogenesis, 1994

Research Interests:

The major theme of research by my laboratory is to develop novel therapies for the treatment of breast and prostate cancer. We currently have two federally funded research projects ongoing.

“Biological Correlation and Analysis” [National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant number P01CA125066] This grant is to run a core within a program project headed by A. Douglas Kinghorn, of Ohio State University). Other collaborators on this project are at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Research Triangle Institute and here at UIC (Drs. Farnsworth, Soejarto and Orjala). In this core, we evaluate activity of extracts and pure compounds against specific molecular targets (the proteasome and histone deacetylase). We also conduct follow-up assays on active principles using cell based and animal model systems. Finally, we conduct studies to evaluate the mechanism of action of leads. We currently have two very promising compounds that have been selected by NIH to undergo further preclinical development in the RAID program.

Our second federally funded project is supported by the Department of Defense and is entitled “Mechanism of Prostate Cancer Prevention by downregulation of the GH/IGF Axis” (grant number PC080305). We collaborate with John Kopchik, who originally discovered the growth hormone antagonist that became pegvisomant, an FDA-approved drug for the treatment of acromegaly. Another collaborator on this grant is Gail Prins from UIC who is an internationally recognized leader in prostate physiology and carcinogenesis. Our goal in this project is to further test the hypothesis that the growth hormone/insulin-like growth factor (GH/IGF-1) axis is a good target to develop novel anti-cancer therapeutics against. We think that targeting GH may be safer and more efficacious than targeting IGF-1 since GH regulates IGF-1 and can downregulate IGF-1 substantially, but not completely. However, other therapeutics that downregulate IGF-1 may do so to a degree that could produce harmful side effects.

Our research group also has active collaborative projects with Drs. Bolton of the College of Pharmacy, and Drs. Unterman, Frasor and Freeman of the College of Medicine.

Professional Organizations:

American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association for Cancer Research
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
American Society of Pharmacognosy
Endocrine Society

Honors and Awards:

Hans W. Vahlteich Award, University of Illinois at Chicago
Catherine Aldinger Cancer Research Award, University of Illinois at Chicago
National Research Service Award, National Cancer Institute
Postdoctoral Research Grant, University of California Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
Teaching Assistantship, Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy College of Pharmacy, University of Illinois at Chicago
Predoctoral Fellowship, National Cancer Institute
Member of Rho Chi Pharmacy honors society


PMPG 511 Advanced Pharmacognosy
PMPG 510 Research Techniques in Pharmacognosy
PMPG 507 Drug Discovery, Design and Development
GC 473 Seminar in Comparative Medicine
PHAR 408 Principles of Drug Action and Therapeutics VIII
PHAR 401 Principles of Drug Action and Therapeutics I

Recent Publications:

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