Charles WoodburyCharles P. Woodbury Jr.

Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy

University of Illinois at Chicago
College of Pharmacy
833 S. Wood Street (M/C 781)
Chicago, IL 60612-7231

Office: 118B2 PHARM
Office Phone: 312-996-6793
Lab Phone: 312-996-6793
Fax Number: 312-996-7107
E-mail address:
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University of Wisconsin (Madison) Ph.D. 1971-1975
University of Washington B.S. (chemistry) 1967-1971
University of Oregon, Institute of Molecular Biology, Post-Doctoral Fellow 1975-1979

Research Interests:

1. "Theoretical and experimental studies on the pulsed ultrafiltration method for macromolecular binding." Mathematical description of binding kinetics; theoretical considerations in using pulsed ultrafiltration to screen combinatorial libraries; application to kinetics of enzyme action. Experimental studies on PUF cell design. Development of software for analysis of PUF results.

2.  "Theory of preferential solvation and weak binding interactions."  Statistical mechanics of solvation and weak binding to macromolecules.

3. "Stochastic behavior of mesoscopic  systems".  Mathematical theory of a single chromatographic binding site, enzyme, or receptor.

Professional Organizations:

American Chemical Society
Biophysical Society
Sigma Xi
American Association for the Advancement of Science

Edited Journals and Honorarium:

Visiting Professor, PMA Coordinated Program for Pharmacy Faculty, 1993 (Pfizer Central Research)
NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, 1977-1979

BPS 365 Receptors and Drug Action
BPS 385 Survey and Basic Clinical Pharmacology
PMMP 385 Biophysical Aspects of Water
MDCH 561 Principles of Medicinal Chemistry
MDCH 592 Research Techniques in Medicinal Chemistry

Select Publications:

  1. The Titration Curve of Weak Polyacids, C.P. Woodbury, Jr., J. Phys. Chem. 97, 3623-3630 (1993)
  2. A Stochastic Model of Chromatography, C.P. Woodbury, Jr., J. Chromat. Sci. 32, 339-348 (1994)
  3. Sample Multiplexing for Greater Throughput in HPLC and Related Methods, C.P. Woodbury, Jr., J.F. Fitzloff, and S.S. Vincent, Anal. Chem. 67, 885-890 (1995)
  4. Pulsed Ultrafiltration Mass Spectrometry: A New Method for Screening Combinatorial Libraries, R.B. van Breemen, C.-R. Huang, D. Nikolic, C.P. Woodbury, Y.-Z. Zhao, and D.L. Venton, Anal. Chem. 69, 2159-2164 (1997)
  5. Screening Solution-Phase Combinatorial Libraries Using Pulsed Ultrafiltration/Electrospray Mass Spectrometry, Y.-Z. Zhao, R.B. van Breemen, D. Nikolic, C.-R. Huang, C.P. Woodbury, A. Schilling, and D.L. Venton, J. Med. Chem. 40, 4006-4012 (1997)
  6. Pulsed Ultrafiltration Characterization of Binding: A New Method, C. J. Chen, S. Chen, C. P. Woodbury, Jr., and D. L. Venton, Anal. Biochem. 261, 164-182 (1998)
  7. Methods of Screening Combinatorial Libraries Using Immobilized or Restrained Receptors, C.P. Woodbury, Jr., and D.L. Venton, J. Chrom. B 725, 113-137 (1999)
  8. Screening Combinatorial Libraries, D.L. Venton and C.P. Woodbury, Chemomet. Intell. Lab. Sys. 48, 131-150 (1999)